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Jessica Cumming


​As a motivational speaker, coach, consultant and team building facilitator, Jessica's goal is to partner with individuals and organizations to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, taking the risks, challenge the status quo, embrace change and create the legacy they want to leave behind. When asked to provide career advice for an organization of 5,000 people, she said, “You have to be willing to take the risk. You don’t know what’s around the corner and you never will if you aren’t willing to take the risk”

Jessica, a Wisconsin native, discovered her passion for training,speaking, consulting, coaching, and travel early on. At the age of 8, she was already honing her skills by training her mother's employees at her two botique's, Donna's Gifts and Needleworks, in Door County, WI. Her determination and commitment led her to not only graduate high school in three years, but also spend a transformative year in Rockhampton, Australia. While in Australia, she was fortunate enough to not only submerse herself in the culture but also obtain another set of "family" and friends before graduating with her original class in Bowler, Wisconsin.​


After high school, Jessica attended her top-choice school, Baylor University in Waco, TX. Majoring in Communications, she enriched her studies with a semester in New York through the Baylor in New York program, completing dual internships at the Madison Square Garden Network and the Ricki Lake Show.  ​


Upon graduation, she embarked on an illustrious nearly 20 year career, coaching, training, facilitation, management, learning and development, and project management roles at Dell Technologies.  She shared her passion for training at all organizational levels, leaving a lasting impact on internal and external customers globally. Some of her most notable achievements included launching numerous customer care, order processing and distressed account project manager teams in 8 different countries, supporting all regions.  ​Jessica is a courageous, smart, funny, loving, caring and driven leader who’s guidance, determination, knowledge and vision are well respected and admired among her peers. Jessica has facilitated numerous corporate group trainings, provided thought provoking talks and one-on-one coaching sessions in 8 different countries with hundreds of individuals.That's why in the midst of her own career transition, she was encouraged by friends, family and co-workers alike, to share her gift and story with the world.


​Outside of work, Jessica is an avid traveler; having traveled to 5 continents. You can also find her smoking meat on her BBQ pit, spending time outdoors hunting/fishing or simply relaxing with friends. ​

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