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Image by Mohamed Nohassi

Embrace Change and Succeed: Navigating Career Transitions

This is the shortened version of my  Interactive Presentation that is also available as a hands on workshop.


 In the last few years there have been quite a few massive layoffs, especially in the tech industry. Did you know, women have been impacted by 45% of those layoffs?. When looking at the numbers it seems proportionate, but, women have only made-up for an average of 27% of the tech workforce in last few years. So although this is is applicable to all individuals, women in tech are currently two to three times more likely to be laid off. Through Embrace Change and Succeed, I  provide individuals with an framework of actions to take and resources to utilize. I also guidance on how to maintain positive well being to successfully navigate their career transition and secure the job they want.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to partner with others and empower them to successfully embrace change, challenge the status quo, take the risk and succeed. Let's connect!


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