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The Myth of Luck: Why Success Requires More Than Wishing on Four Leaf Clovers, Leprechauns, or a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow


How many of you grew up believing that finding four-leaf clovers were good luck and leprechauns were waiting with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? While it’s undeniable that four leaf clovers exist, I haven’t heard of anyone finding a pot of gold, and depending on who you talk to, it’s debatable that leprechauns exist. I learned this firsthand by having a conversation with a woman from Irish decent that does in fact think they are real. Regardless, how many of you still associate these things with good luck and good fortune even if they are mythical?

The Illusion of Luck:

As a child, you may have spent hours searching for those elusive four-leaf clovers, convinced that finding one would bring you good luck and felt that instant luck upon finding one.  The reality is that luck is not random but a reflection of the effort we invest.

Just as we once scoured fields for four-leaf clovers, our adult endeavors require a similar commitment. Whether it's building a career, achieving fitness goals, or cultivating personal growth, success is a product of the work we put in.

Dispelling the Myth of Instant Success:

When you see a social media influencer’s instant success you may think it’s all glamorous. What you don’t see is the work they’ve put in. I didn’t personally understand the demands until my niece, who is a social media influencer on Twitch, educated me.

There is constant pressure to increase followers, spend the right time of day and hours online, ensure the content is relevant, engaging and on the right social media platform for their target audience. Not to mention the stalkers, lawsuits or even death threats from those that are either infatuated with or disagree with her message.  

Another example is seeing before and after pictures of someone’s weight loss transformation. I know some of you may be thinking that these days people can get medical procedures or drugs to achieve these goals. The short answer is yes that’s true, however, it takes time, effort, and commitment as well.

To have medical procedures there are pre operation processes patients must follow and/or financial commitment that needs to be made. I’m not endorsing either of these options. I’m simply explaining that regardless of the situation, you must be willing to put in the work.

Overcoming Discouragement:

On your journey to success, you will be discouraged, distracted and imposter syndrome will set in but remember, what’s worth it will not be easy. It takes time, determination, and grit to be successful and if you are willing to put in the work, surround yourself with people that not only encourage you, build you up and have a vested interest in seeing you succeed it’s possible.



As we navigate the complexities of life, it's essential to understand that success is not a stroke of luck but a product of sustained effort. While searching for four-leaf clovers may not guarantee luck, it offers a moment of connection with nature, grounding us and reminding us to appreciate life's little joys. So, as you pursue your dreams, remember: “luck” favors the prepared, the persistent, and those willing to put in the work.


Inspiration For This Post:

2 1/2 months after being laid off, I was playing with my dog in the backyard, and I was feeling discouraged. I didn’t know if I was making the right choice by starting my coaching/consulting and speaking business. I hadn’t heard back on any of the corporate jobs I’d applied for, and I felt like I needed a break.  Before I knew it, I found myself looking through a patch of clovers. Although I did not find a four-leaf clover that day, I found the inspiration for this story and the reminder I needed that although my journey has not moved as quickly as I would like, I am on my path to success.

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